About Me

Now You See Me. . .But You Don't Always

I'm co-writer of my most recent project, The Freds at Barneys New York Cookbook, but I've frequently worked uncredited as a ghost writer. These have generally been small projects on a free-lance basis: I've ghost-written blog entries that have appeared in The Huffington Post and Yahoo (one was picked up to run in the print edition of a major newspaper); I've assisted clients with websites, book proposals, business plans, and even restaurant menus. 

I also have experience creating, compiling, and editing newsletters for non-profit organizations. 

The Co-Writing Process

Everyone has a different reason for choosing to work with a co-writer: you're busy and don't have the time to craft your ideas into a compelling narrative; maybe you're more inspired by talking to a collaborator than sitting alone in front of a blank page; or perhaps you're dyslexic and find it difficult to translate your great ideas into the written word.  


Like all collaborations, every writing project begins with talking and listening. As a co-writer, listening is especially important because I want to catch every nuance of your story, to make connections big and small that bring your ideas to life. A lot of my role is to make sure your voice rings true, that you come across as your best, most articulate self. 

There are many ways of working together, and the first step in collaboration is finding what works best for you. Some people have an already-completed manuscript that just needs tweaking. Some people like to work by talking with me (with my trusty tape recorder positioned nearby), after which I shape their thoughts into a narrative. Together, we discover what brings out your best voice.

A Little Bit About Me

After nearly 30 years as a New York City transplant (from the Pacific Northwest), I still wake up thrilled to be living in the greatest city on earth. I'm the parent of two talented, creative sons, and, besides them, my great love is classical theater. 

I'm Administrative Director of the New York Teen Shakespeare Intensive, a wonderful, challenging, and nurturing summer training program for young actors. 



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